Hungry = Grumpy


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Nobody Wants ‘Hangry’ Guests

‘Hangry’ = Hungry and Angry!


One of the biggest complaints that you often hear from wedding guests is that they’re starving!


For many guests travelling, you can often be on the road from early in the morning. Then after the church ceremony, there can be a long wait until you sit down for dinner. There may be a few light canapes but very often your guests will remain hungry. Nobody wants a hungry and grumpy guest.


To combat the hunger, a great solution is to book a candy cart for your wedding. Positioned in your reception area, it can create a great talking point amongst your guests. Plus the sugar rush will keep them happy as they wait until dinner.


With our candy cart, you can select your favourite childhood sweets and jellies. In addition, we can make the display personal to you. Send us a photo of you and your partner and we’ll print the picture and place it into our wedding photo frame. And if you want that extra special touch, we can engrave your names and your wedding date into our rustic wooden heart which is placed elegantly on the stand.


Don’t settle on ‘hangry guests’ – book a candy cart for those happy smiles!


Contact us today and we’ll look at providing a beautiful candy cart display for your wedding or special event. Check out our photos and get in touch by calling/texting/whatsapping 086 1036259 or email us at

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